How It Works

At Where We Met we like to do things differently. Hooray for change, right? Right! You see, online dating has been around for over two decades. And while most things tend to get better with time, we feel the growth of online dating has moved in the wrong direction.

Instead of moving toward more meaningful and deeper connections, online dating has shifted toward “show me as many matches as quickly as possible”.

While this may sound efficient and effective, in reality—it’s not. Not only does it fail to help you make real and lasting connections, but it’s an unhealthy and dismissive way of approaching dating. Additionally, it opens the door to letting online dating take over your life and monopolize your time.

We felt it was important for there to be a way to make deeper, more meaningful connections without having to sacrifice hours of your day.

And that’s why we created Where We Met.

100% Manual Account Approval

At Where We Met, every single member’s account is manually approved by a real human. While this is tedious for our team, we feel it’s important. This ensures a much safer and more secure online dating environment with more real profiles of real people looking for real relationships.

Daily Batch Matching

Once your account is approve at Where We Met, you’ll receive a daily batch of 3-5 high quality, curated matches. Every 24 hours these matches will refresh. This is wildly different than how most online dating sites work. When you have access to an endless stream of matches, it’s easy to find yourself spending hours doom scrolling and swiping until your fingers fall off or you’re burnt out and just want to give up.

We feel that online dating should be something that is a healthy part of your day, not your entire day.

One New Conversation Daily

While a lot of dating apps claim to promote a quality over quantity approach to the process, few actually do anything about it. What this leads to is users getting bombarded with hundreds of low-quality messages from matches that are just playing the numbers game. And even if you don’t, the matches you send messages to may be, which means your message may get lost in the process.

This does not happen at Where We Met. When a user sees their daily batch of 3-5 curated matches, they’ll have the option to start a new conversation with just one person per day. This means they’ll have to take the time to read each user’s profile and really consider who might be the best match for them.

As a note—you can always continue as many conversations as you already have going, and you can receive as many conversation invites daily as are sent to you. This just applies to brand new conversations you’re starting from your set of daily matches.

Guided First Messages

One of the biggest issues singles report when dating online is that either they don’t know what to say in a first message or they’re tired of getting low-quality first messages. And often, these low-quality first messages are a result of users not knowing what to say, which means a potential great match could be missed unintentionally.

At Where We Met we make this easy. Every first message (or what we call a Conversation Invite) is a templated set of four questions. You’ll answer four questions, the message will go to your match, and then they will have the option of accepting or passing on the conversation. If they accept, the chat is opened and it’s normal messaging.

The four questions that are part of the Guided First Message are:

  • Tell them your name and introduce yourself!
  • Let them know what you like about them.
  • Share something interesting about yourself.
  • Ask them an interesting question!

Free Members Can Always Respond

Did you know that at most dating apps only 10-15% of the users are paying for a Premium Membership? And did you also know that at most of those dating apps, if you’re not paying for a Premium Membership then you’re unable to respond to messages. This means that if you’re a Premium Member, nearly 90% of the messages you send are going to people who don’t even have the ability to respond.

And the worst part? These apps don’t tell you who is Premium and who isn’t, so you have no idea if they’re not responding because they’re not interested or because they can’t. You could send 10 amazing messages to 10 amazing singles and only 1 of them has the ability to respond. If they happen to not be interested, you’ll quickly find yourself frustrated and questioning everything.

At Where We Met, 100% of users are able to respond to messages. Premium users are the only ones who can initiate a conversation (send a Conversation Invite), but anyone they send a message to is able to respond completely free of charge.

We truly think that if you’re going to be paying for online dating, you should be able to converse with all of the matches that you’re presented with.